The site of a ghost town which was lost at the turn of the century, mysterious Glastenbury Mountain is located just outside of Bennington, Vermont. The vast wilderness is host to many legends, among them tales of a “man-eating” rock and several Bigfoot sightings. The area is also the location of several unexplained disappearances over the years, one of which lead directly to the formation of the Vermont State Police. Legend Hunter Jeff Belanger explored the ruins of the ghost town Fayville to find out more.

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of Glastenbury Mountain, Vermont

  1. There are 2 distinct areas, Glastonbury and Fayetville. 2 different areas that are well apart from one another. Fayetville is easy to get to off the old glastonbury road off the east road behind the scott monsion. Glastonbury is most easiest accessible by harbor road in Bennington which is the old rail line to Glastonbury. Glastonbury is right off the Appalachian Trail (The long trail) not far from the fire tower or by traversing fire road 71 from route 9 in woodford and turning and following fire road 325. It’s quite the hike to get to the actual ruins of Glastonbury, but you can drive to Fayetville.

  2. I worked at the location now called Grout Pond Recreation Area for over twenty years. the most interesting location is McIntyre. A couple of us headed south from roaring brook into a narrow ravine. About a mile or so in it opened up into a nearly circular meadow. There were signs of a former community of some sort. I suspect it was a log camp. Do not go there unless you are familiar with wilderness survival. This is a 300 square mile wilderness filled with lakes, swamps, blow-downs, thickets and it is unlikely you will ever be seen again if lost.

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