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New England Legends is on a mission to chronicle every legend in New England one story and one week at a time. We're doing this through our weekly podcast which has garnered over 2 million downloads, our Emmy-nominated television series on PBS and Amazon Prime, and through our super-secret Facebook group. Come in and join the movement!

Recent Podcasts

  • Podcast 130 – Where Shute Fell

    In Episode 130, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger row out to Great Island on Spot Pond in Stoneham, Massachusetts, in search of a headstone that reads three words: Where Shute Fell. We know it’s been here

  • Podcast 129 – The Vampire of Cumberland

    In Episode 129, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger search for a vampire buried in a tiny family cemetery in Cumberland, Rhode Island. In February of 1796, the father of Abigail Staples petitioned the town to exhume

  • Podcast 128 – The Testament of Hospital Rock

    Think you're worried about the coronavirus? In Episode 128, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger explore Hospital Rock deep in the woods of Farmington, Connecticut. In the 1790s this was the site of a smallpox inoculation hospital.

  • Podcast 127 – Chenoo the Cannibal Ice Giant of Maine

    In Episode 127, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger hike into the deep woods of northern Maine in search of the Chenoo, a cannibal ice giant from Algonquin folklore that hunts and kills people foolish enough to

Recent Video Segments

  • The haunted Eunice Williams Covered Bridge in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Photo by Frank Grace.
    The Haunted Eunice Williams Covered Bridge in Greenfield, Massachusetts

    Recently Boston's ABC affiliate WCVB's Chronicle program interviewed Jeff Belanger and Frank Grace about the haunted Eunice Williams Covered Bridge in Greenfield, Massachusetts. HEAR ALSO: Podcast 82 – Greenfield’s Screaming Bridge

  • Haunted Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Maine.
    New England Legends Extra: Haunted Bass Harbor Light – Maine

    Built in 1858 and located on Mount Desert Island in Maine's iconic Acadia National Park, Bass Harbor Lighthouse is said to be haunted by an early builder who vanished during the construction. Could his murdered body still be buried

  • Coca Cola Ledge in North Adams, Massachusetts, is said to be home to a monster.
    New England Legends Extra: The Monster of Coca Cola Ledge

    In North Adams, Massachusetts, there's a cliff-face that overlooks the town. It's called Coca Cola Ledge, because decades ago the Coca Cola Company painted a large logo on the cliff as a billboard. The cliff is easily accessible from

  • Creepy Christmas

    In “Creepy Christmas: Exploring the haunted history of Santa, Krampus, Belsnickel, and More,” we turn our inquisitive eye toward the backstory of America’s most beloved holiday to discover traditions,

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