Campfireside Chats 3 – New England Folklore with Peter Muise

New England Folklore with Peter Muise

New England Folklore with Peter Muise

Campfireside Chats is our new companion to the weekly New England Legends podcast!

In Episode 3 of Campfireside Chats, Jeff Belanger talks to author and folklorist Peter Muise about the elements of a great legend. What do we hear that makes us want to get up out of our seat and go check out story for ourselves? We talk pukwudgies, witches, ghosts, and pigmen, oh my!

Guest: Peter Muise
Web site:

Bio: Peter Muise was born in Massachusetts and has lived his entire life in New England. He has degrees in anthropology from Bates College and Brandeis University. Local folklore has been his passion for almost twenty years, and he blogs about it weekly at He’s also the author of Legends and Lore of the North Shore.

Interview by: Jeff Belanger
Theme Music by: John Judd

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Folklorist and author Peter Muise

Folklorist and author Peter Muise

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